Become a Member

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A South Cook Section annual membership costs $40.00. A lifetime membership to NCJW South Cook Section is $218.  The lifetime membership is not transferable to other Sections.

We are an inclusive organization that welcomes members who support our values regardless of religion, creed, race, or gender-identity.

Submit a Membership/Change of Address Form contact Debra Borodkin:


Member Benefits

Current members receive the annual Directory, which lists all members and contact information, the Section bylaws, award winners, plus a comprehensive list of advertisements from local businesses and services.

Members receive the Bulletin, issued six times a year, which reports on up and coming events and all current activities, projects and programs of the Section.

Program offerings are one of the strongest benefits to members. Throughout the year, the South Cook Section offers a series of creative, educational and social programs for members.

Volunteer Opportunities
One of the most satisfying advantages of membership is the opportunity to be a volunteer for many of the projects and initiatives of the Section. Volunteers are welcome to help out in both behind the scenes supportive and administrative capacities and on the front lines. You can become a member of the Elyse Bell Traveling Players which performs locally throughout the year, or help pack Honey for the Holidays.

Book Clubs
South Cook hosts two book clubs, South Suburban Book Club and Chicago Book Club. Members select the books they read.

Friendship Notes
Friendship Notes are sent to South Cook members to recognize life cycle events.